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There are a lot of promenades and paths on the island of Pag, suitable for cyclists of all generations. Deluxe Villa No.10 provides you with bicycles in case you want to take a route.

Once a week we offer you a guide who will join you on the route to Lun, the northernmost village of Pag with a beautiful sunset. On the 50 km long route you will go through different parts of the island and enjoy the view as well.

The excursion is free.


Sveti Vid (Saint Vitus) is the highest peak of the island of Pag, at 348 metres above sea level. Once on the top, you will find the remains of the chapel of Saint Vitus, built in the 14th century, and you will enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding towns and villages – Pag, Kolan, Šimuni and Mandre, as well as of the islands of Rab, Lošinj, Silba, Olib and Maun.

You can visit Sveti Vid with our guide, who organizes the climbing trip once a week.

The excursion is free.

Mountain Climbing

Paklenica National Park was declared a national park in 1949 in order for the greatest forest complex in Dalmatia to be protected. The national park stretches across 95 km², under the highest peaks – Vaganski vrh (1757 m) and Sveto brdo (1753 m). It consists of black-pinewood and beechwood, indigenous to the area, as well as of deep canyons with the Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica streams.

The excursion includes: tickets, lunch, transport and the guide provided by Deluxe Villa No. 10.

The price of the excursion is €50 per person.

Organized excursions – at request of the guest


Scuba Diving

Rock Climbing

Adrenaline and Water Sports

Rafting on the Zrmanja River

Visit to the town of Pag

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