Mandre is a small town formed around a sheltered bay of the island of Pag and it offers a wonderful view of the islands of Silba, Olib, Maun and Škrda. Throughout the history, the bay was a shelter for numerous boats and ships, which significantly impacted the local population who, inspired by the ships and trawlers, decided to engage in fishing.

Alongside fishing the population of Mandre has always engaged in sheep farming. Between drystone walls, found across the island, various medicinal herbs grow, which are part of the nourishment of the sheep whose milk the Pag cheese is made of. This world-known cheese is a speciality that every visitor of Pag should try.

In the early 1970s only a small number of apartments and rooms for rent were to be found in Mandre, but today Mandre is a popular tourist destination which connects a traditional way of life and quality accomodation, and as such it is especially appealing to families, from both Croatia and abroad.

In 2003 'Zadarski list' (official local newspaper in Zadar) and Zadar County Tourist Board declared Mandre the most beautiful part of the Zadar county. Its main beach Mala Mandra, has got the Blue flag, which indicates clean sea along the whole coast in Mandre.